Rating Scale

Quick run down of how my rating scale works.

1/5 Stars- Never will I recommend a book that receives this rating, this book must have done either horrible representations, a plot that completely runs on romance or hate, or simply the writing was horrid. More than often it’s because of horrible representations of different people and/or stereotyping.

2/5 Stars- It wasn’t as bad as a 1/5 but it was borderline to being completely horrible. Yet something must have saved it. May it be a character, setting, or even the writing.

3/5 Stars- It’s good. But there are things that are stopping it from me loving it. Those things are so strong that they balance out with the good things of that book. Leaving me unable to hate it or love it.

4/5 Stars- I love this book. It’s to the point where I will recommend this book to people and honestly have many great things to say about it. The reason it’s not a five is because of a specific reason I would be more than happy to talk in a review. But overall this book is excellent.

5/5 Stars- This book is a blessing. The characters, the plot, and the setting are all simply amazing. I’m probably obsessing about this book and would be ecstatic if someone asked me to talk about it.


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