Book Myth Busters: Unrealistic

Hey everyone, welcome to a new blog post series I am going to start writing a lot on. Basically what I’m doing is choosing something people say about books and picking it apart until you all stop using it as an argument. I would love to get some feedback if you like this idea or have a book myth you want me to bust.

So here it is: the first myth

“That much diversity is too unrealistic”

So I’m let’s first bring up the facts:

If the earth’s populations was a group of 100 people 70 would POC and only 30 would be white. Okay now the alarming thing is that nearly 80% of the main characters in mainstream literature are white. So in reality. The way our books are being written as a majority of white is actually more unrealistic than a book with more POC.

Now with LGBTQIA+the study about the earth’s population as 100 people is inaccurate, even they mention that “This one is almost impossible to estimate with any reasonable degree of accuracy”. But still, we know a lot of readers in our book community identify as LGBTQIA+ so why do we still get allocishet main characters. Why is it still such an out of world experience for a reader to find a LGBTQIA+ character?

Okay let’s get back on track.

So LGBTQIA+ characters might not be unrealistic to you. Or maybe a POC. Or maybe a disabled person. Or maybe someone from a different religion.

But why do you complain about it saying it’s unrealistic when a character has multiple marginalizations. Saying it’s unrealistic is erasing so many people and practically saying they have to only chose one of their identities in a book because a disabled queer POC is something that is too “unrealistic”.

If there is ever an unrealistic book to have been ever written it would be ALL books with an allocishet group of characters and their token poc. Those are unrealistic. So stop saying diverse books are unrealistic.

Another argument I do not want to hear “I grew up in a very small white town where (insert marginalized group here) are unheard of”. Well okay Jan, but guess what…your town isn’t representative of the diversity there is in the world. I’m tired of that being your excuse to validate white allocishet books.

And are you really complaining about getting some new characters into books? Are you not tired of the *cough* Tris, Katniss, Feyre *cough* white saviors? Don’t you want to read a story that’s different from all the white allocishet shit we have been getting?

As always in Mythbusters let us perform a little experiment. I will search in goodreads the “Best Young Adult Books List” and see how “realistic” they are.

  1. Harry Potter- Racially Ambiguous characters(this does not make them POC even if the fanart is all POC) that are allocishet
  2. The Lightning Thief- White Allocishet MC
  3. Twilight(why is this even on here)- White Allcishet nonsense ft. a stalker vamp
  4. The Fault In Our Stars- WHITE Allocishet
  5. The Hunger Games-  White Allocisthet MC and a Token POC killed
  6. Throne of Glass- Qwhite white Allocishet nonsense ft. that one poc that dies
  7. The Selection- Another Qwhite white book with allocishet mc ft. that token m/m couple
  8. Delirium (really? this made it on the list?)- White Allocishet MC
  9. The Maze Runner- White Allocishet MC
  10. Wither- White Allocishet MC

I’m actually mentally exhausted as I look through this list. But I should have expected it honestly.


Image result for myth busted

Tune in next time for Book Myth Busters: They didn’t mean it like that.

Somewhat Kindly,



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