Review: Lambs Can Always Become Lions

Summer’s here! Which means it is time for more consistent reviews and fun stuff on the blog. So to start off this busy summer I review a book that made me giddy with happiness when I read it. Giddy enough to post reaction pictures on my instagram story and having Charlotte, the author, enjoy my reactions to it.

Lambs Can Always Become Lions by Charlotte Anne Hamilton

SYNOPSIS:  Robin Hood, along with her group of friends, has been aiding the poor of Nottingham for four years. They have become an hindrance to the Sheriff of Nottingham, terrorizing the rich lords and ladies and robbing gold right from under the Sheriff’s nose.
Helping Robin from inside, and proving her most useful ally, is Lady Marian Fitzwalter.
After hearing about a special shipment coming through Sherwood – filled with gold, jewels and weapons – Marian agrees to help Robin gather information so she can ambush it. It is risky and dangerous on both sides but Marian would do anything for Robin. And Robin would do anything to feed her people.
But as the shipment draws closer and tensions rise, Robin finds herself having to decide which is more important: love or duty.


Page Count: 96

Rating: 5/5

Here’s the deal. Robin Hood has never been my thing. I actually had never been interested in Robin Hood’s story. When I was younger I literally DNF watching the Robin Hood Disney movie, I was a very picky child and Robin Hood was just so boring to me.

Yet, when I read the synopsis of this book I was completely entranced and was just waiting for the day it was released. I read it in about three hours. That’s how in love I was with this book.

“Everyone always underestimates her, and it always ends in their tears”

This book although it was short, honestly it’s a perfect length for a book to take you out of a slump,was so full of action. Fighting scenes galore with our bad ass Robin who will stop at nothing to stop injustices and be with her love Marion. But if action is a turn off for you, well then this is your lucky day because this book has so many fluff scenes too. They just made me coo so much. It’s such a healthy established relationship (this is my new aesthetic to be honest).  They give each other space when needed and hold each other in silence when needed. Robin and Marion are just so in love with each other and I felt blessed when the struggle of the book wasn’t a character confused about their sexuality but of circumstances that fall on them. Decisions arrive that make Robin and Marion ask themselves what is more important  to them. Love or duty?

But oh, Charlotte you amazing person, I loved how explicit she was with describing the characters race and sexuality. *PRAISE FOR CHARLOTTE*

Edda is a black Muslim, Will is gender-fluid/non-binary (who was a sex worker before joining the Merry Gang), Marion and Robin are lesbians, and Little John is asexual. None of these are like “hmmm maybe he is asexual…maybe not”, for the book is just like are they lesbians? YES. Are they non-binary? YES YES. Is she a Muslim? YES AND SHE IS BLACK.

Oh, my little heart fluttered when the Merry Gang would stop and give Edda moments to pray and respected the time she needed.

Yet, this story is more focused on Robin and Marion’s relationship and the struggles they go through since Marion is part of the nobility and Robin is a thief. I honestly didn’t mind how focused it was on them since it was a short book and felt like those 96 pages to fully understand their relationship. But I really hope we get more Merry Gang time in the next book because YES it’s getting a sequel.

So yes, this is a quick read I highly recommend to everyone. I’m excited to see where the sequel will go and can’t wait for its release.

“Rise and rise until the lambs become lions”

Until next time lovelies,



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