Why Non-canon Hurts


We all, as readers, know those theories that are better than the actual book. Because as readers we know what we want and a lot of us use head canons to achieve what the author ignored.
Readers make fan art of characters making them POC. Or placing them in an LGBTQIA+ relationship.
But why does it hurt?

Other diverse book bloggers and I feel like we have a certain responsibility to provide our followers with only good diverse books. That’s our thing of course, no one is forced to do that but we want to do this. And I love that more accounts are trying to be diverse as well but you have to be careful. Once you create a reputation for posting diverse books people who follow you will be taking recommendations.
So now here comes the non-canon aspect. If you post things about, for example, Hermione being black you are giving the idea to a read that she is canon black. Letting a reader pick up a book thinking she is and when they start to read it and find out she is racially ambiguous its disheartening.
Racially ambiguous is not POC. Please stop making racially ambiguous POC. Because if they are racially ambiguous that just shows the author was too lazy to actually show to the audience that their character is white or a poc.
There are so many books out there that actually have a canon POC MC and are ignored. Why instead of making a book where the characters are most likely white, rather than POC, diverse make an actual diverse book mainstream.
I remember reading The Raven Cycle books a year ago before I found out of it’s problems. I had seen fan art about them and got excited at seeing a M/M interracial couple which was Ronan, who was shown as black, and Adam. I also remember seeing a M/F fan art of Blue and Gansey showing them as interracial as well. I got so excited. I actually ordered all four books in one go because WOW! This sounded GREAT! Imagine how I felt when Ronan is physically the most Irish a person could be. Imagine how I felt when Blue was actually white. It was so DISAPPOINTING.
It’s a dangerous game you are playing trying to diversify not diverse books. You are taking away chances of actual diverse books from reaching peoples hand. And you are giving an author, who doesn’t deserve it, diversity credits.
Now I’m not saying to not have head canons that depict your favorite character as POC or LGBTQIA+ or disabled. But you have to not recommend books this way. You can’t recommend books based on your head canons.
Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of black Hermione, I wish it was canon! But I’m not going to go give Rowling credit for something she didn’t intend nor write. She didn’t write her as black so that’s that. Nor will I tell people Hermione is black because in the books you won’t find solid evidence that says she is. So I rather give a reader an actual diverse book than a book the fandom made diverse. There is a big difference between the two and I hope this proved even a bit helpful understanding it.
Stop promoting it as a diverse books. That’s all. There are so many underrated books by both indie and big publisher companies that are actually diverse!!11! I know right? What a concept! A POC as a MC! You can stop picking white able allocishet books and making them non-canonically diverse!!!!!!!

Stay Woke people


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8 thoughts on “Why Non-canon Hurts

  1. I was literally JUST thinking about this. I love fanon and headcanons but I hate when an author gets credit for their fandom and gets praised as a ‘diverse’ writer because their characters are racially ambiguous/headcanons the fandom has created are popular/they’ve tweeted once like ‘I love the idea of -insert character- being a person of colour! (like lmao why didn’t you write them as a person of colour then smh)

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  2. You know when I first read HP, I was 5, and I have absolutely no idea why I imagined Hermione as biracial, to me one of her parents was black . . . I’d like to ask 5-year-old Romie whyyyyyyyyyyy because of course I was disappointed when I saw the movie. I grew up with biracial kids, so maybe that’s why, but I’ll never forget that our three main characters are white in the movie because OF COURSE they had to be white. That’s the problem when something isn’t canon in the book, you can’t help but be disappointed.

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  3. This post is perfect.

    I totally thought The Raven Cycle had Main Characters of Color too because of how often I saw my friends fan casting POC for characters like Ronan and Blue.


  4. This is such an interesting post! I have heard people talk about how the fancasts for The Raven Cycle were misleading and how they were hurtful to readers and I totally agree with that. I’m so glad you talked about this issue and about the role we can have as bloggers in terms of promoting non-canon. It’s definitely something I’m very aware of and try to avoid.

    Great job with this post!


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