Why I Read Reviews

There are a lot of readers who couldn’t care less about reviews. They always are the ones saying that people should form their own opinion from scratch about the books. But I find that reviews are some of the most helpful things to find books readers will genuinely enjoy.

Don’t get me wrong, there was a time I didn’t read reviews and only bought books that sounded interesting to me, no matter what everyone else said.

I started reading reviews recently in my entry to the book community. And it all was because of one book. (Prepare yourself because this book has only negative feedback from me). And that book is The Graces.

I had first bought the book because the cover is just wow. It’s so beautiful and I had been under the idea that when a cover is pretty that meant the publisher knew it was worth it. Also, witches? Sign me up! I was so ready for it that I had posted all over my Instagram page about it.

It was the most disappointing read of the year. Misogynistic commentary. Sexuality used as a plot twist. Supporting unhealthy obsession/stalker traits and saying it was just a crush. And so much more that I don’t want to talk about right now because it gets me angry at the fact I spent 13 dollars on it.

That’s the moment someone messaged me after I put my disappointment on my Instagram story. They told me “I knew you were going to have that reaction”. Cue me thinking “Why didn’t you tell me?“. But I realize that I should have been more careful, and I should have subscribed to the many bloggers I trust now with book content.

I now am able to read books I know I will genuinely enjoy because of warnings of what type of content is in the book. Reviewers are wonderful people and even if you don’t agree with them, they are taking the time to tell you about a book. That’s why I will always stress the importance of reviewers for readers. Because reviews are for readers not authors.

Reviewers are what have made this year, for me, helped me pick better and more enjoyable reads. Reviews helped me which is why I started writing reviews myself. I want to help others as well get an idea of what to expect when they read a book.

So tell me. Why do you read/don’t read reviews? I would like to know what you all think about them.



7 thoughts on “Why I Read Reviews

  1. If it’s a book that didn’t come recommended by a trusted source, I read reviews of it. I’d rather know if I’m likely to hate a book before wasting my time picking it up. I also read other reviews by the reviewers to get a feel for their reading style because everyone has their own.


  2. I’ve seen the good and bad of reviews (mostly goodreads) but usually I trust them! It’s why my rating average is so high, why waste time on a bad book? Beautiful post, Rea!


  3. I don’t usually read reviews but if there’s title or cover that intrigues me or a book that always turns up, I’ll skim it and I love finding books to read this way. I don’t like to read the whole review because I like to come to the book as fresh I can.


  4. I absolutely agree with what you say.

    I will add books based on their blurbs or information about them to my To-Read shelf on Goodreads. However, before buying the book I check reviews. If there aren’t any reviews, I check the social media presence of the author to get a feel for them and see if they are #ownvoices. I don’t like to buy non-#ownvoices books if I haven’t seen reviews discussing the rep before.


  5. I like the concept of reviews but I don’t like reviews that are long and say the reader’s EVERY THOUGHT on EACH SECTION of the book. If i review is over 2 paragraphs, I probably won’t read it. I haven’t properly spent money on a book since last summer though! Libraries and gifts fill my literary needs so if I dislike a book it doesn’t really affect me.


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