My Friend Is Problematic, What Do I Do?

Does your friend say things that make you uncomfortable? Do they say things that just aren’t okay and are invalidating someone’s existence? Are you at a loss of what to do?

Worry no longer, here something that might help

As the iconic book THUG, we shall use a simple system of weighing pros and cons of different arguments you might have about this friendship.

1-Their favorite author is problematic and they don’t acknowledge how problematic they aregiphy (1).gif

Even worse if they defend the author. Time to move on and find yourself friends that can see faults.

2-They misgendered someone on purpose

tenor (1)

Are you actually having a hard time dropping someone after doing this shit

3-That one time they made you laugh and…

giphy (2)

There are non-shitty people who will make you laugh too

4- You’ve been friends with them for a long time


Well they are shit now so what’s holding you on to them

5-They are your only friend

Neil-Patrick-Harris-Lets-Be-Friends-On-How-I-Met-Your-MotherWe are friends now, boom problem solved

6-They weren’t always shitty

giphy (3).gif

Well my food wasn’t shit either before I ate it, but I’m not going to keep it around with me just because it tasted good before it was shit.

7-You’re afraid that drama will go down


I gotchu

8-They have dirt on you

Is it worse than them being a racist/homophobic/transphobic/zionist/sexist/islamophobic/trump supporting republican? Probably not

tenor (2)

9-They are friends with all your other friends and you are afraid they will all leave you


Let me introduce you to my friends

Hope this helped!!11!!1! But mostly made you laugh.

On a serious note: seriously, people who are shitty are not worthy of your time. I promise you that there are much better friends who can be funny and love you and at the same time not be a shitty person to others. Leaving the people who once made you happy doesn’t invalidate the times you were happy, it just gives you space to be happy once again without them being problematic.

You deserve to be happy and feel comfortable with the people you call friends. I know letting go is hard, but you will feel better once it’s over. And I wasn’t kidding about how I’ll be there for you.

I’ll support your Friend Spring Cleaning. giphy (4)


8 thoughts on “My Friend Is Problematic, What Do I Do?

  1. i feel tho as if getting rid of people is really hard, especially in small communities… my friend makes me uncomfortable all the time but even if i drop her ill be forced to interact with her everyday still


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