About Rea

Hello there! If you clicked your way to here you are either curious to know more about me or nosy and want an example of what to write in your own bio. Either way welcome!

I’m Rea and I live in California.I’m Mexican and my first language is actually spanish so excuse my grammar at times. I’m a studying to receive a double major in Comparative Literature and Women & Gender Studies. Which–with the majors– I will hopefully become a professor in either of the subjects.

As to be expected, I love reading. Reading is such an important part of me and I will be forever thankful to the authors who helped shaped who I am today. Because I know books are this impactful I write reviews to hopefully help someone decided whether a book is worth their time or not. Which is another reason why I am a big diverse book advocate, for these books are helping shape the youth’s mind even if it is not acknowledged.

I have been told I come off a bit strong(????) with first impressions on here. A lot of my friends have told me this which just befuddles me because I’m just a meme that is too tenorsalty for her own good. I post reviews with my own honest opinions but I also post discussions that delve into topics that I feel are largely ignored.

Other small tidbits of me outside of reviews and saltiness. I love music. I have a playlist for almost every situation because who doesn’t need a playlist for when you are fighting pirates. I’m trying to publish at least one book in my life and have it be successful. I’ll be posting snippets of it on the blog as it gets farther along.

But yes, this is basically me. Hopefully you get a general idea of who is writing the blog.

p.s. I use gifs sometimes because it’s easier to convey what I’m trying to say










p.s.s. Kristen Stewart if you ever read this marry mekristen-stewart-monologue