Review: Labyrinth Lost

Trying a new format for my reviews, tell me if you like it.

Labyrinth Lost by Zoraida Córdova

Synopsis: Alex comes from a family of brujas(witches) and as she grows she only sees the horror that comes at the price of having magic. When her powers rises, it is to her dismay that she is actually the most powerful witch in a generation. Before the power is blessed by her ancestors Alex performs a spell to get rid of her power that backfires and her family disappears. Along with the help of  a brujo she had just met, they travel to Los Lagos (the origin of magic) to find her family and set things right once again.

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Problematic Books: TBR or not?

The question many readers have asked themselves recently, because of the rising of certain problematic books, is should they read the books or blacklist them? There is even a fear for a reader to post about certain books on all social medias because they fear the ‘attack’ of someone who knows the wrong of the book. In my humble and personal opinion I have one thing to say to everyone about this subject: READ WHAT YOU WANT.

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