April TBR

Hello everyone!

Another month has gone by, so it is time to decide which books you plan on reading this new month if you are like me and enjoy planning everything to the extreme. So this month I’m going to attempt to read four books, not including the ones I have to read for my classes and here are the current ones I’m dying to read.

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Review : King’s Cage

Spoiler Free Review

“There are pieces of me, small pieces, still in love with a fiction.”

There are pieces of me, small pieces, still in love with this story. It’s hard for me to let go of a series once I’m in as deep as the third book, even when with each book slowly my admiration for the character’s leave. So this is my review and opinions on King’s Cage by Victoria Aveyard.

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Problematic Books: TBR or not?

The question many readers have asked themselves recently, because of the rising of certain problematic books, is should they read the books or blacklist them? There is even a fear for a reader to post about certain books on all social medias because they fear the ‘attack’ of someone who knows the wrong of the book. In my humble and personal opinion I have one thing to say to everyone about this subject: READ WHAT YOU WANT.

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